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Present projects and cooperation:

Administration and complementation of the interactive identification key OncIdent2.0 “Oncaeidae of the World Ocean” [see menu Identification key for Oncaeidae]

Cooperation with Dr. K. Cho, Hanyang Univ., Seoul: Publication of species descriptions of Oncaeidae in the Equatorial Northeast-Pacific (Clarion-Clipperton Zone)

Taxonomic consulting service:

- Species of Oncaeidae of the Australian  Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey (AusCPR) und National Reference Stations (NRS) [J. Uribe Palomino, Dres. F. Coman, A. Richardson, CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia]

Previous projects and cooperation:

BMFT-Research Project: "Fortpflanzungsbiologie des Aales im Nordatlantik (Sargasso See)" (Reproduction biology of European eel in the North Atlantic (Sargasso Sea) [Biologische Anstalt Helgoland (BAH) in Hamburg, Dr. F.-W.Tesch, 1979 - 1982]

Rearch visits at British Museum (Natural History) in London [betw. 1983-2001, Dr. G.A Boxshall, Dr. R. Huys]

DFG-Project: „Vorkommen und Verteilung von Macrosetella gracilis (Copepoda) im Roten Meer" (Occurrence and distribution of Macrosetella gracilis (Copepoda) in the Red Sea) [Univ. Hamburg (Institute for Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science IHF), Prof Dr.D.Schnack, 1983 - 1984]

DFG-Project: „Untersuchungen zur Struktur und Dynamik der pelagischen Mikrocopepoden im Roten Meer, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der nicht-calanoiden Copepoden" (Studies on the structure and dynamics of pelagic microcopepods in the Red Sea, with special reference to non-calanoid copepods) [Univ. Hamburg (IHF), Dr. H. Weikert, 1985 - 1990]

DFG-Project: „Verteilung und Taxonomie der nicht-calanoiden Mikrocopepoden im Roten Meer, Arabischen Meer und Europäischen Mittelmeer" (Distribution and taxonomy  of non-calanoid microcopepods in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the European Mediterranean Sea)  [Univ. Hamburg (IHF), Dr. H. Weikert, 1990 - 1993]

DFG-Project: „Taxonomie der Mikrocopepodengattung Oncaea im Roten Meer und angrenzenden Meeresgebieten" (Taxonomy of the microcopepod genus Oncaea in the Red Sea and adjacent marine areas) [Institute for Marine Science at the University of Kiel (IfM), Prof. Dr. J. Lenz and IHF Hamburg, Dr. H. Weikert, 1994 - 1998]

DFG-Project: „Diversität und Verteilung planktischer Mikrocopepoden im Golf von Aqaba, Rotes Meer, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Oncaeidae" (Diversity and distribution of planktonic microcopepods in the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, with special reference to the Oncaeidae) [Univ. Bremen (Dept. Marine Zoology), Prof. Dr. W. Hagen, 1999 - 2002]

Working up of copepod material from earlier research cruises in private taxonomy laboratory. Skill training of colleagues in the taxonomy of Oncaeidae from the Indian Ocean and the Pacific [Dr. D. McKinnon (Australien), Dr. Y. Nishibe (Japan)] [2002 - 2004]

DFG-Project: „Artenzusammensetzung und  trophische Struktur (stabile Isotope) des Tiefsee-Zooplanktons im östlichen Mittelmeer (NATIPOM), Teilprojekt: Mikro- und Mesozooplankton" (Species composition and trophic structure (stabile isotopes) of the deep-sea zooplankton in the eastern Mediterranean Sea (NATIPOM), Sub-project: Micro- und mesozooplankton) [BIOLAB-Research Institute, Dr. Gerd Schriever, Hohenwestedt; Univ. Hamburg (IHF) Dr. H. Weikert, Dr. R. Koppelmann, 2004 - 2005]

Molecular genetic studies: Molecular genetics of Oncaea venusta form variants [in co-operation with Prof. Dr. W. Hagen, Dipl.biol. D. Elvers, Univ. Bremen, 2006-2007]

Taxonomic identification of microcopepods in the Red Sea (Gulf of Aqaba) within the frame of food web structure analyses [Dr. N. Aberle-Malzahn, AG Prof. U. Sommer, IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel, 2007]

DFG-Awardee at the Leibniz-Institute for Marine Sciences (IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel, FB2, Prof. K. Lochte, Dr. U. Riebesell) „Artendiversität pelagischer Mikrocopepoden - Morphologische und genetische Kriterien zur Identifizierung der Familie Oncaeidae im Europäischen Mittelmeer" (Species diversity of pelagic microcopepods - Morphological and molecular genetic criteria for the identification of the family Oncaeidae in the European Mediterranean Sea) [in co-operation mit Dr. R. Machida, Univ. Tokyo; Contribution to the global biodiversity initiative of the Census of Marine Zooplankton (CMarZ) and Consortium of the Barcode of Life (CBOL), 2007-2009]

Research stay in Australia: Taxonomic work on species of Oncaeidae in Australian waters (oceanic and coastal). Practical instructions and training of Australian research teams in species identification of Oncaeidae as basis for biodiversity studies (Monitoring, risk assessment) [2010]

(1) Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), Townsville, QLD [Dr. D.A. McKinnon, S. Duggan]

(2) Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Marine & Atmospheric    Research, Cleveland, QLD [Dr. A. Richardson, Dr. C. Davies, Dr. F. Coman, A. Slotwinski]

(3) Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute (TAFI), Hobart, Tasmania [Dr. K. Swadling]

DFG-Project: „Erweiterung der taxonomischen Auflösung der marinen Mikrocopepodenfamilie Oncaeidae und Entwicklung eines interaktiven Bestimmungssystems" (Extension of the taxonomic resolution of the marine microcopepod family Oncaeidae and development of an interactive identification system) [DZMB-Senckenberg, Deutsches Zentrum für Marine Biodiversitätsforschung, Hamburg, 2013-2016]


Taxonomic consulting service for species identification of Oncaeidae and other microcopepods

- Species diversity of Oncaeidae in the area of Scott Reef, NE Indian Ocean, [Co-operation with Dr. D.A. McKinnon, AIMS, Townsville, Australien, 2009-2011]

- Species identification of microcopepods in the Red Sea within the frame of trophodynamical analyses [Dr. B. Kürten, AG Prof. U. Sommer,   GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel, Research project The Jeddah Transect, 2011]

- Species identification of Oncaeidae in Korean waters [Dr. H.Y. Soh, cand. PhD J.H. Wi, Chonnam University, Südkorea] and in the Equatorial Northeast-Pacific (Clarion-Clipperton Zone) [Prof. Dr. W.-C. Lee, Dr. K. Cho, Hanyang Univ., Seoul] [2009-2013]

- Identification of Oncaeidae from a deep-sea benthopelagic area in the Northeast Pacific (Clarion-Clipperton Zone) [cand. MSc.O. Kersten, Univ. of Hawaii, USA, 2015]

- Participation as invited tutor in the “Marine Crustacean Zooplankton Workshop” at SAHFOS Plymouth, June 2015.


Other cooperation partners (by research fields):

Copepod taxonomy: G.A. Boxshall, F.D. Ferrari, G. Heron, R. Huys, H. Itoh, Y. Nishibe, K. Schulz

Phylogeny Oncaeidae: R. Huys

Zooplankton ecology und -dynamics: W. Beckmann († 2013), S. Ohtsuka, D. Schnack, S. Schnack-Schiel († 2016)

Zooplankton diversity: M.G. Gibbons

Molecular genetics: A. Bucklin, R. Machida, S. Nishida

IT-support and statistics: M. and D. Schnack