Identification Key for Oncaeidae


R. Böttger-Schnack and D. Schnack

(Last Revision: 27.10.2023)



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(vers. 3.0 is the most recent one)

OncIdent (vers. 3.0)

This is the most recent version of the OncIdent key, based on the Programme "Lucid 4.0".

It is built as a browser version (opens in your own browser); the user interphase has been changed, using simplified symbols; the difference function has  been improved, allowing to select individual taxa for comparison.

The key includes all identifyable oncaeid species of the World Ocean, but is restricted to females.

Some regional keys can be selected from available subsets in the world key.

To open the key please click on the following link:

Oncaeidae of the World Ocean

OncIdent (vers 2.0)

This is a previous version of OncIdent, based on the program "Lucid 3.6" with a somewhat different operating surface. This version is still provided here for those who have become accustomed to the specific operating surface. We intend not to update this version unless users will ask for it.

Please, click on one of the following key versions:

       Oncaeidae of the World Ocean

       Oncaeidae of the Mediterranean Sea